Sunday, March 29, 2009

Indian Naan Bread

Before getting dinner ready tonight, I saw this recipe for Indian Naan Bread and thought I would give it a try. (click here for the recipe) I've only had Naan once before and it was delicious, so I had high hopes that we would be in for a treat tonight.

What I didn't anticipate was my baking stone! With it being in such a hot oven for so long, the heat made all the oils that has been seeping into it over the years rise to the surface and pool up in a thin layer of grease on the top! I had to wipe it clean with a paper towel before I would put the bread on to bake. And every time I would open the oven door, my fire alarm would go off! So that was a bit of a detraction from the whole experience, but it tasted really good and the kids loved it! My baby ate almost a whole piece herself! The dough was very soft and tender, kind of like those large soft pretzels. If I make this again, though, I'll try to find my other stone that hopefully isn't so seasoned!

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