Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Deals

One question I frequently get is how to find great deals on baby things?  Here are some of my favorite places to get kid stuff:

Diapers - I buy most of my diapers lately through Amazon.  Their Amazon Mom club gives you a 30% discount every time, and they include free expedited shipping on all orders!  To subscribe, go to www.amazon.com/mom, then select which diapers you'd like to subscribe to.  I find the Huggies Snug & Dry to be the best value for my kiddos.
Baby Gear - my guilty pleasure for cute, high-end baby gear is Baby Steals.  Twice of day, at 9am and 9pm, they offer one baby item for sale at 50% off, sometimes even more.  They are a local company, located just off I 2-15 and California Avenue, and you can pick up items locally, or they offer reasonable shipping rates.

PYP - Pinching Your Pennies has great access to deals for toys, clothing, you name it.  You can look at the forums for ideas, or sign up for the Screaming Penny email which sends daily emails with the top killer deals.

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  1. Thanks a bunch Claudine for tonight. I am really excited to get started on saving my fam some moolah! (amanda bishop)